The Kid Policy

As some of you may be aware, kiddos were not allowed in the sports bar in years past.  While we understand the sentiment, times they are a changing.  With the new ownership team comes some new rules.

Kids are now allowed in the sports bar before 10pm as long as they behave themselves.

What does that mean?

We’re still a place for grown ups so screaming, crying, running around, throwing things, etc will only be tolerated from adults.

If you want to bring in a kid or two with you for lunch that’s 100% fine with us.  You can also bring them for dinner or a snack after a day at the beach.  Just make sure that they’re the type of kiddos who can behave in an adult environment.

If you’re looking for a place to host a kids birthday party or a group of crazy toddlers, this still ain’t the place for you.  There is an arcade across the street that would just love to have the screaming, crying, irritable type of kiddos.  We prefer the type that can act like reasonable human beings.

If you have questions as to whether or not your kid can act like a grown up then we both already know the answer don’t we?

All kidding aside, we’re excited to allow kids and families and we look forward to seeing you at the bar.  Hey, if they’re over 16 they can even drive you home.  It’s about time they started paying you back!

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