is duravit wondergliss worth it

Not completely satisfied with the advise I contacted Duravit on several occasions to question as to why. Avoid! In the 2 years of warranty the unit was replaced 3 more times each time for the same reason.

Very disappointed that a high-end manufacturer can't hold their hands up when something goes wrong. That’s why an invention like Duravit’s HygieneGlaze 2.0 takes their line of porcelain toilets to the next level. That’s why an invention like Duravit’s HygieneGlaze 2.0 takes their line of porcelain toilets to the next level. The key to keeping bacteria out is in the porcelain glaze, which physically stops anything from permeating the porcelain. I find this statement unbelievable as the dampers which are plastic have a tendency to crack and break over time.

Considering the amount of money that was spent on the full order, I would at least expect Duravit to send someone to my house to see if the issue could be rectified. This superpower isn’t something many of us consider a toilet capable of conquering, but we naturally welcome the possibility. POOR, PATHETIC CUSTOMER SERVICE AT BEST. BEWARE, DO NOT BUY THIS. Guess it was just BS. German products are good, service is TERRIBLE Obviously this means that it is not designed correctly, and/or the material used is inadequate. Don't trust a company that manufacture product but don't stand by it because they cant regulate their supply chain. Plus, porcelain is easy to manipulate. They literally say "we are working on our full capacity and unfortunately we didn't have the time to deal with your request" Just a few months after installation the soft closing mechanism failed and then in March I noticed part of the toilet seat called dampers which attach to the hinge had cracked and eventually broken. only to be advised that I had broken the toilet seat and that perhaps someone had stood on it. In projects where hygienic design is a top priority — as it should be in every case — bacteria-fighting toilets are unparalleled in terms of their value. The proactive glaze, which is baked into the porcelain from the toilet’s rim to interior of the basin, does this through a toxic process called the oligodynamic effect.

In future I will not be purchasing a Duravit product nor will I be recommending them to anyone. Based on these facts alone, it’s no wonder that porcelain is the most trusted material to produce hard-wearing sanitary wares and hold the weight of our bodies over many years. THE CUSTOMERS ARE OVER CHARGES FOR PARTS AND IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY. It offers dual-flush capability depending on the model you select. Modern ceramic technology can infuse antibacterial glazing onto today’s porcelain toilets. Grohe have a fantastic customer service also. I’m sure there is some sort of consumer rights against that, or EU legislation? When I sent pictures I was promised a call from a local rep which never happened but they later said that they thought the tray was fine and had told the retailer so. Just specifying a loo (don't I love my job....) and found this on the duravit website..... Sanitary ceramics with the special WonderGliss surface finish will remain clean and attractive-looking for a long time to come. Architectural products that self-clean are ingenious. This ensures that the toilets can withstand decades of use without massive bacteria buildups. HygieneGlaze further improves the hygienic properties of the toilet. I have 3 duravit toilets installed 6 years ago, I have replaced the toilet seats 3 times each toilet! Duravit Oh dear Duravit I can't improve your star rating I am afraid.

Overall, it offers a simple, white finish that keeps everything elegant and ease of use. DURAVIT IS THE WORST PRODUCT.

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